More, more, please, I want more.

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Spanking and whips ate great for punishment, but add a bit of candle wax for variation. It is especially effective if he is blind folded and does not know where/when it will hit him.

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my partner and i have long wanted to submit a photo to your blog, but have never felt one was worthy enough.  photos were always too staged or posed.  but this time, he snuck pictures as he fucked me…  something about that, and how the images turned out - all blurry and rushed - as he secretly took them - it makes the images something more

What a photograph, I put out the challenge for anyone to capture a moment of intimacy and these two did so perfectly. Him bending her over, pealing her briefs aside and having her the way he wants. The motion and movement are completely captivating. So glad to be chosen to share this shot, thanks so much for sharing it on Submission Sunday. 

© Photo: Nicola De Luigi


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